Value Added Services For Web Marketing Consultants

In terms of helping offline businesses, even if they already have a website, there are many avenues to help them get more from the online niche they have created.

In some instances, they could have everythingthey need, but do not recognize how important mobile devices are and it is possible to assist them in creating mobile versions of their website, or even assist their text-based mobile marketing.

The world is your oyster in terms of options concerned.

If they’re able to afford a budget, you could also set up the Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for them. This is a completely different area that is a separate area.

If you’re not sure that you’re able to deliver quality marketing, then you may be able to specialize even more , and offer videos on landing pages. This is something that most web designers and search marketers are not able to do. There are many ways to deliver videos for users.

It’s easy to record brief interviews with them about their business or their services all you require is a basic camcorder , and you’re ready to go. Even if you don’t have one, they could have. Even if they’re only equipped with a web cam built into their laptop, it’s enough.


Personally, I have two gadgets that I use, the one is a HD Flip Mino – the handy little camcorder that’s quick and easy to use. It plugs straight into your USB connection on your computer. The other is an Sony camcorder. I personally prefer the Flip since it’s quicker and easier to use.

I also have a camera tripod and some lights to achieve the best results, however generally speaking, you can get by without these.

Another method of delivering video is to use screen recordings and/or utilize still images. Then, employ a program like Animoto to make a video using music to top it off.

The options you have will provide you with a lot of value to offer clients.

It’s really easy for folks to make this way complicated than it has to be.

Most often, this is because of lack of confidence about the value they have to offer. Therefore, it’s vital to remember that you don’t determine what you value Your client is the one who makes the decision.

You may think that making a Google Places account to get your local business listed is not worth much however if they really want it to increase their revenue, or that they don’t want to spend the time to understand – it’s likely that they’ll see that it’s worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Andy Henry is a marketing consultant who can help both offline and online businesses get more value from using the internet and related technologies.

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